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Four Season Garden Suites
East Beaver Creek Road / East Pearce Street

Four Season Location

four season condos
Tentative Occupancy: May 2012
Taxes: 1.25% of purchase price/year

Maintenance: $0.42 per square foot
Parking: $18,000 each for extra parking space.
Locker: $3000 per locker

Deposit Structure:

$5000 with offer
Balance of 5% in 10 days
5% in 45-60 days
5% in 90-135 days
5% in 135-180 days
5% on occupancy

Four Season Condos Amenities:

Lobby: concierge, surveillance cameras and two-way voice communication stations party room fully equipped gym, pool, steam and saunas, furnished guest suite.

Main entrances and exits monitored by closed-circuit television system
Three high speed elevators with luxurious finishes
2 secure levels of underground parking

Four Season Condos

Four Season Round Floor Condos & Suites

Four Season Condos Floor Plans

Condos model Suite Type Size (sf) View
London 01G 2B+D 892 W
Kansas 02G 2B 936 W/N
Banff 03G 2B 848 N/E
Las Vegas 1 04G 1B 561 E
Texas 05G 1B 594 E
Laguna 06G 1B 562 E/S
Montana 07G 2B+D 938 S/E
Hawaii 08G 1B 878 S
Las Vegas 2 09G 2B 561 S
Texas 2 10G 1+D 609 S
York 11G 1B 551 S
Beverly 12G 2B 866 S
Lincoln 13G 2B+D 1,131 S
Wells 14G 2B+D 1,205 S/W
Montreal 15G 2B+D 1,214 W/N
Florida 16G 1B 562 N
Graceland 17G 1B 487 N
5th Ave. 18G 1B 449 N
Oxford 19G 1B 491 N

Four Season Typical Floor Suites

model Suite Type Size (sf) View Floor
Chicago  01 T 1B+D 698 N 5,6
Loren 02 T 1B 586 N 4
Tahoe 03 T 1 B 587 N/W 2
Toronto 04 T 1B 493 W/N Out
Harlow 05 T 2B 932 W/N 02-Sep
San Diego  06 T 2B 848 N/E 02-Sep
Miami 07 T 1B 561 Out
Miami 2 08 T 1B 594 E 02-Sep
Lemone 09 T 1B 562 E/S 2,5-8
Madison  10 T 2B+D 932 E&E/S 02-Jun
Lemone 2 11 T 1B 562 S 02-Sep
Boston  12 T 1B+1 605 S 02-Mar
Nevada  13 T 1B 551 S 02-Sep
Nevada 2 14 T 1B 561 S 02-Sep
Boston 2 15 T 1B+1 609 S 2
New York  16 T 1B 551 S 2
New York 2 17 T 2B 866 S 03-Aug
Hollywood  18 T 2B+D 1,131 S 03-Jun
Monroe  19 T 2B+D 1,205 S/W 02-Aug
Hepburn 20 T 2B 1,086 W/N 02-Aug
California  21 T 2B 857 N 04-Sep
Wisconsin  22 T 1B 486 N Out
Chaplin 23 T 1B 449 N Out
Wisconsin 2 24 T 1B 486 N Out
Manhattan 25T 1B+D 716 N Out

Four Season Penthouse

1001 1,073 220 2B+D N
1002 1,83 135 2B+D W
1003 1,289 1,265 2B+D N
1004 1,295 530 2B+D E/S
1005 1,481 290 2B+D S
1006 1,282 150 2B+D S
1007 1,280 690 2B+D S/W
1008 1,040 710 2B W/N
1009 613 150 1B N
1010 623 35 1B N
1011 767 200 1B N

four season swimming pool

four season condos gym

About Four Season Condos Builder

Operating for more than two decades, Catalia Development Inc. has grown to become one of the top residential builder in Richmond Hill GTA Ontario.

We Create properties that offer the highest level of style and innovation and set the standard in real estate markets. We are experts at uncovering emerging real estate trends, and knowing when and how to develop projects – from residential and hotel construction to redevelopment and adaptive re-use.

Catalia Development Inc. is self-contained with in-house accounting, legal, and marketing departments. The Design Center offers our customers a professional interior decorating service with full displays of available interior options and appliances.

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